Especially for Men

"As a man getting treatment in a predominantly women's arena, this has been very nice."  Quote from one of our patients

More than one million men had a cosmetic dermatology procedure last year. The social stigma that used to be attached to having an appearance-related procedure has been replaced with the desire to look and feel better in our youth-oriented culture. Men's skin concerns are similar, but not entirely the same as women's. Men tend to be more relaxed about sun protection and often have more serious sun damage than women. While women generally have more specific goals about their skin, most men say they just want to look more rested and more relaxed. We offer complimentary consultations to help you determine what type of cosmetic or dermatology procedure would work best for you. 

Top Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Relax & Rejuvenate Facial


This mini facial is great for men on the go! A relaxing combination of cleansing, mild exfoliation and a customized mask leaves your skin clean and supple. This 30 minute treatment is ideal for a quick boost for busy people who still want to take good care of their skin.  

Double Chin Treatment


Kybella is an FDA newly approved, non-surgical injectable for reducing moderate to severe fat on the upper neck, otherwise known as a "double chin" (fat that hangs below a chin). 

Weight Loss for Men

We offer several weight loss options:

Weight Loss Program  Lipotropic Injections


"My visit to Sima Medical and Cosmetic Clinic was for laser treatments and HCG. I want to share my personal results, because the impact on my health and well being has been nothing short of dramatic. First let me say that working with the entire staff has been a pleasurable experience. They have all been knowledgeable, competent, friendly and very helpful. Sima has made a point to come by and encourage me all along the way, in addition to the first rate treatment I have received from the entire staff. As a man getting treatment in a predominantly women's arena, this has been very nice. I have not yet completed my treatments as of this writing, but in just my first two weeks of treatments I have lost a total of 9 1/2 inches of body fat! 4 1/2 inches of that came directly from my waist. I am wearing clothes I have not taken out of my closet in years, and I am feeling great. But that is not even the best part. In combination with HCG, in my first two weeks I have lost 16 pounds. Since HCG targets visceral fat, that internal fat surrounding vital organs, I have experienced the best result of all- my blood pressure has come down from a dangerous 150/100 (it has spiked as high as 170/105) to an average of 120/84!

I won't lie- the HCG program is stringent, and I am certain my results have come because I have followed the program strictly. But Sima and her staff have been so incredibly encouraging to me all along the way, and it truly has not been difficult to follow the rules as a result of their support. Benefits to me include increased flexibility, easier breathing, lower blood pressure and a general satisfaction when I look in the mirror. My girl friend does not know I have been on this program. I can't wait to see her reaction when we are together again next month! I recommend this program in particular to men. The overall health implications are huge, and the increase in quality of life has been amazing to me. Keep up the good work, Sima Clinic! " 

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